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Local Artisans Inspired By The Sea

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For Jerry Evans, Taylor Brown, Barb Knowlton and Steve Wardle, Chatham provides both seaside inspiration and sustainable livelihoods. Inside their cottage studios, they create fine clothing, unique jewelry and home designs that illustrate the charm of Cape Cod. These artisans all share a fascination with the magnificence and mysteries of our coastal community—and their creations reflect their interpretation of the natural world that surrounds us.

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Changing Tides

By Nature, People

The founders of Chatham Kelp are at the forefront of a new industry. Three years ago, if you had told the three founders of Chatham Kelp—all of whom are longtime shellfishermen—they’d one day operate the largest kelp-focused farm in Massachusetts, they might not have believed you.

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A Brush with Blooms

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Before Tilda McGee Bystrom was a painter, she was a gardener.

Outside Bystrom’s Stillwater Garden Studio, a tranquil one-acre garden on Stillwater Pond shimmers in the summer sun. When Bystrom moved here in 2001, the garden was filled with pine trees.

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