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Stylish Lexus LC 500h hybrid offers more than just good looks


4.7 Seconds
0–60 MPH


Stylish Lexus LC 500h hybrid

Available at Chatham Bars Inn

Through a partnership with Lexus, Chatham Bars Inn has several models available for their guests.

There are sailboat people and powerboat people. Usually, each side is adamant about which is better. In life, there are choices: You can either blast around Chatham with a 350-horsepower V6 engine, or silently cruise along, listening to the sounds of the sea.

In this case, I’m not talking about Stage Harbor. I’m talking about Stage Harbor Road.

And the mode of transport in question certainly does not float. Either way, with the Lexus LC 500h hybrid, you don’t have to choose—it allows you to be as loud or as quiet as you want.

I haven’t always regarded Lexus as a brand known for beauty. Futuristic and sleek, yes. But not beautiful. It somehow pulls off looking severe and attractive all at the same time. Sort of like a Versace model.

Fortunately, its good looks are not just skin deep. The red leather interior is simply stunning. Every inch of the inside is covered in quality—and soft to the touch. The dual grab handles for the passenger give you a hint as to its sporting intentions. Hold on, everyone. You might as well call the seats hybrid, too—comfortable for all-day touring, but the prominent side bolsters keep you in place for spirited driving. And you’ll need the support, since this hybrid goes from 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds. Try doing that in a Prius.

A quick rip around the on-ramp to Route 6 will soon have you forgetting that this car gets 35 mpg highway mileage. That number probably does not apply to “Sport+ Mode” and mashing the gas pedal, which lets out a fierce growl from the V6. The multi-stage transmission is apparently very complicated, but it makes it feel like the car is shifting actual gears—as opposed to the droning associated with CVT and normal hybrid cars, which is basically just one continuous gear.

But once you’re settled in the luxurious cocoon, all of the technicalities are not what’s important.

This Lexus has presence. With its massive front grill, 21-inch wheels and chunky back haunches, this car looks like it’s on the prowl. But on the prowl for what? It is a bit of a “tweener” as they say. Not quite a true sports car, but not exactly practical for a road trip, either. The two back seats really only work for children, (think Porsche 911) and the shallow trunk space can be described as adorable. Although it does pass the golf bag test (barely). It also weighs about 200 pounds more than a Honda Pilot. Considering how amazing it handles around corners, it defies gravity almost as much as it defies logic.

But since when is art logical? This car is striking and makes me wonder, What is the quickest way I can get $104,000? As I silently coast through the parking lot at Hardings Beach in EV mode, listening to the waves, I contemplate whether or not this car is practical.

However, regardless of whether or not you’re silently sailing, or letting it rip on a powerboat, I ask you—“Is this the most practical thing you could be doing?”

Of course not. But you can’t wipe the smile off your face and that’s all the reason you need.

Through a partnership with Lexus, Chatham Bars Inn has several models available for their guests. Sitting by the pool and want to make a quick trip downtown? Grab a Lexus and enjoy the sweet ride. 

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