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Shane Skinner

Giving Back

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Six young community members find ways to strengthen the town they love. A place becomes a community when people are willing to take care of it—and one another. That couldn’t be truer for the Lower Cape town that swells in the summer but still maintains a liveliness in the colder months. These six individuals are young, successful and dedicated to Chatham.

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Drawn to the Fish Pier

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Paul Schulenburg’s paintings honor and preserve the living heritage of Chatham’s fishing fleet. Twenty years ago, when artist and illustrator Paul Schulenburg brought out his oil paints after not touching them for years, he found himself at the Chatham Fish Pier, searching for inspiration. “It was an overcast spring day, one of those gloomy Cape Cod days that is beautiful in its own right,” says Schulenburg.

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Beacon Hill by the Sea

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Longtime admirers of ‘Riptide,’ a classic Colonial Revival on Shore Road, hire Polhemus Savery DaSilva to renovate and retain the home’s character—‘whale’s tail and all.’ Shore Road is renowned for its sweeping views of Chatham Harbor, the narrow barrier beach in the distance and the temperamental Atlantic Ocean beyond. It’s a landscape that has been shaped by time and tide, by man and nature for centuries.

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