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Patrick Ahearn
160 Commonwealth Avenue Suite L3 Boston
Nevin Square, 17 Winter Street Edgartown

Restoring a historical home is a challenging feat and deserves to be acknowledged as so, however, designing a newly constructed home designed to look and feel as though it has stood for a long time requires thoughtful detailing, execution, and management which can only be achieved with a non-egotistical approach. This is made possible through the art of “scripting” a storyline that invents the “implied history” of the home including how it may have grown over time or what may have caused the particular style of the house to be created. The concept of “scripting” allows one the opportunity to embrace the client’s more utilitarian program with a sense of history or timelessness that results in houses that look as natural and authentic as possible. While others have tried to replicate this design philosophy, Patrick Ahearn has paved the way for a new form of architecture that will inspire the architects of the future.

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